what's your most memorable jean moment?

nobody puts denim in a corner. not when it looks this iconic. the always-inspiring net-a-porter has put together the top 10 jean moments, in this wonderful video curated by fashion historian colin mcdowell. all this jean-on-jean action makes me want to start swatching with some dungaree-inspired fiber. i'm thinking a very fitted denim vest maybe. it also has me wondering: what is your most memorable jean moment? do you remember your first pair of jeans? what were they?


alice's adventures said...

Ha! My most memorable jean moment would have to be when I was hit by a car, recklessly riding my bike in traffic down in Dallas, TX (age 12). I pulled out in front of a little old lady, and she struck me (fortunately going below the speed limit). I don't remember the aftermath, until I was sprawled on the ground, in bit of pain, and my bike several feet away in two pieces.
When the paramedics arrived, they cut open my pant leg, and it wasn't until then that I began to cry. They asked if it hurt, and I said no, that they were ruining my favorite pair of jeans.

A girl and her best jeans... the eternal hunt!

*ps - only a few bruises, I walked away very lucky that day!

Amy said...

My most memorable jean moment would have to be finding a pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans, normally £100 brand new, in a local charity shop for pennies - then the compliments I received whenever I wear them! Okay so that's not just one good jeans memory, but they're frayed to pieces now and I'm still holding out on finding the replacement pair :D

clairity123 said...

In high school I had to go to the little boys dept to get a pair of straight leg 501's blue so dark they were black, hard as cardboard jeans. Took forever to get them all faded and soft...then needed patches. Thats why so many songs in the 70's were dedicated to bluejeans.Used to wriggle into them wet, let them dry to show every curve, crevices ect....

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