LWD is the new LBD

this image of alexa chung wearing head-to-toe chanel has been haunting me. everything from the little white dress to the heathered grey tights to the sky-high brown clogs to the quirky flowered bag and cross pendant screams cool brit chick. but i especially can't stop thinking about that LWD. i have looked and looked for anything with a similar silhouette, to no avail.

passing by the chanel store in soho recently, i worked up the nerve to go in and see if i could check it out in person. turns out they didn't have the LWD in question, but they did have an absolutely charming specimen that resembled a vintage knit tennis dress. my friends were happy to pretend that i was taking a picture of them rather than the intricate lacework on the hem of this piece. so lovely! and so expensive! as i recall, the price tag was over two grand.

the latest issue of interweave knits arrived in the mailbox today. flipping through, i came across two  dresses that immediately put me in mind of these chanel dresses. these would be LWDs with a particular emphasis on the word "little."

i've heard about grown women shopping for their own shrunken jackets in little marc jacobs. and quite honestly, i can admit perusing the boys rack at gap a few times. at five-foot-one, i'm smaller than most of my friends' 10-year-olds, but that doesn't mean i want to dress like one! still, i can't help but find myself coveting some variation of these dresses. rendered in a lightweight off-white cotton/wool with some up-sizing, three-quarter sleeves, and a straighter, less flouncy skirt, i believe even mr. karl might approve.


Julie said...

I love, love, LOVE Chanel's little knitted dresses. I feel like every year they have a few, and they are always so amazing and lust-worthy. I'm amazed people don't try to knock them off!!

knitlit kate said...

hmmm...maybe we need to give it a go julie :)

Julia said...

I often see kids clothes that I would love in adult size. Glad I'm not the only one!

GeoKnits said...

I love the white chanel - I wonder how easy it would be to copy the pattern from looking at the dress - do you have a close up of the lace section?

knitlit kate said...

geoknits...i bet the lace pattern would be tricky, but the rest not too bad. i don't have a closeup but if you click on the image, you can see it bigger. you may also be able to find another view on an online designer shop such as net-a-porter. are you going to try to figure it out? my experience with designer knitwear is someone eventually knocks it off...i betcha K.1 or some other trendy knit mag will have this silhouette next spring!

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