diy: slouchy snood

having previously been obsessed with all things snood and snoodiful, i finally got around to making myself one. the result is comfort snood, so to speak. with temps in the low teens and my stash overflowing with plain jane skeins clamoring for the glamourous life, it could not have been better timing. not to mention easy breezy, cover girl. (dude, it's a seed-stitch tube.) i made mine from a freebie skein i got after test-knitting for twinkle's final knitting book. it's a brilliant dynasty-worthy sapphire blue. here's the 411 on rocking your own:

you'll need:
1 skein twinkle soft chunky
1 pair US 19 circular needles

cast on:
61 sts

begin seed stitch pattern:
*K1, P1, rep from * to end, place marker. join to knit in the round, being careful not to twist stitches.

**purl the knit stitches and knit the purl stitches in the next round.

continue from ** in this fashion, round and round until snood measures 8 inches or desired length.

cast off all 61 sts; weave in ends.

styling tips:
  • drape around your neck for a slouchy look. add a venti latte, slouchy beret and a black wayfarers. marykateandashley, is that you?
  • double twist for a chic and super cozy option. since the snood has somewhat of a neckbrace effect, leave your hair tucked underneath or twirl into a messy bun. pull out a few pieces in front for a touch of softness. 
  • no hat? no worries; pull the top layer up over your head to create a little i-vant-to-be-alone hoodie.


SL said...

Love the color

Allyson said...

Turned out great! I think that much seed stitch would kill me.

Julia said...

Mmm... I'm making myself a snood (or cowl as I like to call it) with Twinkle Soft Chunky too! So simple, so effective.

Julie said...

looks so amazingly soft and warm! utterly gorgeous.

Siga said...

love this!

Susan Holloway Scott said...

Beautiful piece , and I love the color!

Quick question, though: was it really size 9 needles or maybe 19's? Or maybe it's just the thick yarn on the 9's that make the stitches look so pleasingly chunky?

Erin Wallace said...

Great job! I'm working on a snood right now, too, but in a DK with lace. But I want to make one like yours for my hubby who says they are great when he rides. Really like this!

knitlit kate said...

thanks gals...and big thanks to my favorite nerdy history girl for wisely pointing out the correct needle size: US 19. good catch susan!

Susan Holloway Scott said...

Kate, think of it only as a dropped stitch --and we've ALL had our share of those! :)

Christine said...

Love your snood:) And thank you for the recipe - and the style tips :-D

CocoLauter said...

This looks amazing! Nice job!

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