smackdown: hoodie vs. snuggie

i've tried draping myself with a knit capelet, drinking a cup of hot cocoa, and eating a bowl of chili, but nothing is warming me up on this frigid wintry thursday. no matter how cold i get, i would be fertilizer to a herd of starving chia pets before i'd don a snuggie. hoodies are another story. is there anything cozier? still, it's hard to find one that's as fashionable as it is functional. seeing
this version makes me wish there were enough hours in the day to make an elongated version of this classic design. a hoodie with style beats a blanket with sleeves every day of the week.


martha - ca knitter said...

I second that! The hoodie pictured is very cute.

fort nest said...

i'm a fan of hoodies, too. that one is simple & stylish—love the light gray color paired with the jeans.
(good luck staying warm!)

Susan Holloway Scott said...

There's a pattern for a very similar long drapie hoodie in the new Rowan Precious/Kim Hargreaves book:


Kid mohair vs. acrylic Snuggie? No contenst!

Che Birba said...

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knitlit kate said...

grazie laura! i will definitely check it out...thanks for stopping by. kate

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