and the winner is: the knitted trophy jacket

this holiday season, i'll get by with a little help from my trends. namely, the trophy jacket. it's the best fashion term since jeans and leggings hooked up to produce the "jegging." what's more, it's cleverly derived from "trophy wife," which refers to the charming practice of ancient warriors capturing beautiful women to bring home as wives. (which is not unlike our modern version of the term, though i have a hard time imagining j. howard smith dragging anna nicole back to his cave.)

etymological appeal aside, the real allure of the trophy jacket lies in its offhanded glamour. it loves the nightlife, but is not afraid of the light of day. it can be worn with boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt or thrown on over a gown. it can be beaded, studded, sequined, feathered, and yes, it can even be knitted. one thing it cannot be is put in a corner. the trophy jacket makes a statement without saying a word.

thinking about a knitted trophy jacket reminded me of this matador jacket i've had in my inspiration file since the early 90s. i think it was designed by givenchy.

here's my take on that piece, which is still awaiting embellishments.

desperately seeking inspiration for your own knit trophy jacket? madonna's pyramid jacket was hot when the movie first came out in 1985 and it still rocks today.

or you could channel your inner chanel.

to knit your trophy jacket, find a pattern for a cardigan. simple shapes and uncomplicated stitch patterns work best. short and somewhat boxy with 3/4 sleeves would be perfect. then embellish to your heart's content with feathers, fringe, beads, buttons, you name it.

too many holiday projects queued up to knit your own trophy jacket? topshop has more trophys and just as much drama as tiger woods, including specimens in leather, lace, satin, faux fur, and wool. here are a few of my fave knitted ones:

so now you have no excuse not to give yourself a pat on the back. rest assured, this is one trophy that won't languish on any shelf.

next up: how to style your knitted trophy jacket


Allyson said...

I can't wait to see how you style that! Most of those sweaters look like monster skins.

knitlit kate said...

ha ha... never thought of that allyson. but come to think of it, those sleeves on MK do have a slight reptilian vibe. and of course, the furry sweaters are about two degrees of separation from mr. snuffleofogus. but i heart them nonetheless!

Susan Holloway Scott said...

Weird that you show the TopShop sweaters, since I was just in the store last week and saw them in all their yucky acrylic glory. Maybe cute in a jpg, but awful and stiff to touch: I'm thinking only an honorable mention trophy at best.

Yours, however, is clearly going to be Best in Show. LOVE the fretwork/greek key design on the sleeves. Can't wait to see it finished!

Christine said...

:-)) Haha This is awesome. I love your white jacket, and can't wait for the feathers and paillets to arrive.
Gorgeous post! (and hooray for the pyramide jacket)

knitlit kate said...

thanks susan and christine! hope you guys have a great holiday season : )

She Knits Flying Monkeys said...

I don't want to make up my own. I want yours. I can only knit the way I sew - by the pattern. I can improvise cooking, but sewing and knitting I cannot. So I must knit yours.

kat said...

those topshop trophy jackets look great! i love the sequins and the black fringe.

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