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this christmas, the hubby gave me the best present EVER: a ski trip to aspen with my girlfriends. (that's one of them above, my friend kelly "rippah," an oncology nurse and mother of three who can shred the steepest, deepest crud and make it look as easy as a stroll through the mall. she's a pretty good knitter, too.) one of my friends has a house out there and invited a big group of us to come out for a visit. for five days, it was all about the skiing. and the knitting. and the eyelashes.

these were for the one night we actually did not collapse after a full day of skiing bumps, adjusting to the altitude, and consuming massive quantities of screw-cap wine, steel cut oatmeal, flax seed, and cherry buttercream. (i do not endorse consuming all of these at once.)

instead, we headed out to dinner at local fave jimmy's. since that is also the given name of my hubby, i asked the hostess if i could borrow a sharpie to sign the wall. she glared at me as if i were a speck of lint on her dolce & gabbana blouse, sneering, "is YOUR name jimmy?" apparently, my incredibly lush lashes meant nothing to her. apparently, you need a passport and a DNA sample bearing the name jimmy, james, or jim to be deigned worthy to autograph their hallowed walls. i had none of the above. but as soon as she turned away, i discovered i did have a magic marker in my purse.

one of my favorite parts of the trip was visting the aspen yarn gallery, where they sell some incredibly luxe novelty yarns, including this pouf of genuine silver fox fur, which they sell not by the yard, dahling, but by the gram. which they weigh on this rather unusual-looking scale. which the owner, a cherubic blonde, sweetly explained to me was inherited from a coke dealer. only in aspen.

back here in upstate ny, the snow is getting deeper by the minute. outside, it falls in soft, downy flakes. inside, it slowly materializes into puffy, white pentagrams and balls of sparkly, pink fluff. there's no place like home.


clairity123 said...

glad you are back safe and with yarn dahhhlink! ah did you by chance buy some of that fox yarn?

Olgajazzy said...

Oh, my how many new experiences, new yarn and... *gasping for air* just WOW! What a vacation! Welcome back doll! I missed you so much! Good luck with crapecho and cannot wait to see that precious fur turn into a couture garment of your own!

nichole said...

ooh, I love artyarns.

Sarah said...

Pretty ArtYarns...that's a lovely frosty pink.

Elizabeth said...

I'm psyched to see your Gaughan shrug coming along - I loooove this pattern, and can't wait to see how yours looks. I think I might knit it too. I love trips with girlfriends - looks like you had a great time!

dhyana said...

You all wore lashes ? I love it !
Or did you just wear a new pair each day ?


Anonymous said...

When I looked at the yarn on the scale quickly I thought it was a fluffy kitty. :)

kate said...

hee hee macoco...you're not the first one who thought that!

and dhyana...all 7 of us wore the lashes ONE night...we had big ideas about skiing in them the next day, but after the booze wore off, we realized how yucky that would actually feel :)))

erin michelle said...

you are so glam. popping off to aspen for a ski trip oh you luxe lady. i learned about falsie lashes from the rachael ray show. but i still dont think i could get them close enough to the real lashes to not look wrong. im glad you had that marker, that waitress sounds like an asshole!!!! xoxoxoox

Carson said...

Love your titles!
And for a moment there, I thought that fox fur being weighed was a particularly grumpy squashed persian cat..freaky

jenna said...

I'm a little confused about the bounty of eyelashes. I only hope you sported them all over the ski slopes. That must have been a fabulous trip! So...Does your husband have a younger, single brother? Or a clone, perhaps?

Amy said...

I'm glad the mystery of the grey fluff is now solved.

That photo of the lashes is hilarious. It sounds like your trip was equally so!

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