are you ready for your closeup?

a little over a year ago, i became obsessed with a particular $1600 handbag. as it turned out, i was not alone. together with a determined band of knitters, we devised a pattern that paid homage to that design.

requests for the pattern have come in from all over the world...singapore, australia, france, finland, japan, turkey, cleveland. the lovely ana from brazil was nice enough to translate the pattern into portugese, so we've been able to share it with knitters there in their native tongue (beijos ana!) it has been a blast to see just how small our knitting universe can be.

from the start, the intent was to create a pattern that paid homage to the original. but even more amazing to me has been the originality it has inspired in those who have truly made the pattern your own. i guess this happens in knitting all the time. i just feel like i've kinda had a front-row seat with the fakie.

anyhoo, along the way, i've collected images from some of you. i finally uploaded some of them to a photo gallery on flickr. have a fake-a-gamo finito of your own you'd like to share? i hope you'll upload it here! and it's still not to late to email me for your own free pattern. think of it as a fresh accessory for your spring wardrobe. yeah, i'm thinking of spring...never too early, right?

the amazing may (creator of not one, but TWO fab fakies) has created a wonderful tutorial for lining your fake-a-gamo. she is kind enough to share it here.


Nora said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I had a laptop crash and lost the pattern you sent me last yr but didn't want to trouble you... off to email you now. Thanks again. x

Chocolina said...

Hi there.
Yes it`s amazing isn`t it, how the same pattern takes different ways in different hands... You e-mailed me th e pattern months ago and I did my fake-a-gamo, yes! I will post a photo soon, I promise. Congratulations to your initiative and your very nice blog, really one of my favourites.
Saludos , Chocolina from Argentina

Ana Luisa, said...

Dear Kate,

Thanks for the "lovely" e for the "beijos".
I've finished knitting mine last year, but I'm finishing the handle, now.
If you visit here http://100ideiasnacabeca.blogspot.com/2006/11/onde-anda-minha-fake-gamo.html#links you'll see my sugestion for the handle.
I'll send you the pics, soon.


Holly said...

Great job....just the the day of the Academy Awards and all the designers make their own version of the dresses.

Ellen Bloom said...

I just love synergy!!!
I want to be part of the flickr page too!!! My "Faux-ra-gamo" can be found here:


Ellen Bloom
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Anita said...

I am Anita from São Paulo, Brazil and I absolutely agree with you about how small our knitting world can be. And more it is beautiful and warm.

Actually, all of you ADMIRABLE WOMEN and your knitting blogs with your works and arts have been rescuing me from depression calling me back to the BEAUTY OF LIFE.

That is the first time I talk about it on the web and I want to THANK YOU girls from all over the world!

Kate, I am thinking of fall coming to São Paulo and I would love to knit the fake-a-gamo handbag you have designed. I wonder if you can send me the pattern (Portuguese or English), I would really appreciate it. I promise to keep it in strict secrecy just like the girls here who wrote you before.

My kniting blog still under construction but you are all welcome there.

Best regards,

Beijo beijo


embroiderybee said...

Dear Kate, Is it possible to get a copy of the fake-a-gamo pattern you created? It is awesome. I love high fashion. You have great taste and great talent. By the way, I love the capelet, too. Did you ever figure out how to do that? I would be more than happy to pay you for the pattern. Thanks so much for what you do. Roxanne I couldn't find your email

NiHaRiKa said...

Hey Kate...I love love love this bag.....awesome work by u and others to figured out the pattern....plzz share the pattern with me at garud.n@gmail.com
I want to give this to my mom on her birthday next month :)



Team Gagliardi said...

can I have the pattern too?!!! I love this..

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