rowan anna: the cure for SSS

DESPITE the bunchy ankles. DESPITE the awkward bit of directions in the pattern. DESPITE the overly long length. i heart anna. and i will not. repeat NOT. suffer from the dreaded second sock syndrome. i went closet diving and found these cute 1940s shoes and this vintage DKNY wrap skirt that will be perfect when. i repeat WHEN. i finish anna numero duo.

a note to those thinking about making anna: don't make the same mistake i did and forget how s t r e t c h y lace is! (hello, can you say "butterfly?" you'd think i'd have learned my lesson.) i neglected to check gauge and ended up with a very loosey goosey stocking. blocking and the velvet ribbon ties will help some...but beware of your gauge! i plan to go down a needle size or two for my next pair.

a few more details: yarn is rowan 4-ply soft in color "sooty." (love sooty.) i used US3 dpns, but will def downsize to US2 or US1 for my next pair. there is no ankle shaping at all in these stockings. so you might consider adding some or downsizing needles once you get past the top bit. the patt calls for FOUR balls. i am a pretty relaxed knitter and even though i'm still working on my second sock, ain't no way i'm gonna use all four. three balls should be plenty.

and finally: there is a pattern notation about cutting the yarn once you're done with the instep. this is completely unnecessary IMHO.


Glaistig said...

Thanks for the most excellent caveat. Your gam, as they say, looks quite fetching in that shoe!

Olgajazzy said...

Oh, my, I am on the verge of getting bitten by the sock monster.
I already got the DPN needles in ebody in 3 sizes..
Kate, those looks great, I love it and see that those leggins, socks and knitted stockings are in and all over the place..
What yarn have you used for those?
Welcome back from you vacation!

rachel said...

Those are so hot!! LOVE the velvet ribbons. And the shoes. And everything else you ever knit.

Stacey said...

So cute! Can't wait to see a finished pair!

clairity123 said...

i have started with # 2's about 8 inches from beginning....thinking maybe.....# 1's for ankle and instep. We will see if Anna looks very strange or not.i can't seem to figure out decreasing and still maintain the instep. maybe someone out there in blog land can.

genie said...

Those look fabulous Kate! You are the "sole" inspiration for me, novice knitter at best, for buying that big, intimdating Rowan pattern book!!!
Love the shoes by the way!!!


Erin said...

I was directed to your blog because of a post I just wrote about the Anna socks/no shaping issue. Do you think changing needle sizes will solve the problem? I can't think how I could do any decreases and not ruin the pattern.

I also didn't swatch and just casted on with 3s. I think it works for my calf but I am getting to the thinner part of the leg and am trying to figure out what to do. I am so glad to find a completed sock out there! Good luck with your second one.



Amy said...

Those are adorable! I'm afraid more socks might be in my future.

jenna said...

Love love love love love love love them. And the shoes.

laptitelili said...

I LOVE them! I'm planning to knit them too, and I have one question: what do you think about the 4ply soft? Isn't it too fragile for socks?

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