postcards from the island

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anna is quite happy on her own little island off the coast of spruce head, maine. it took a little futzing around to get the hang of the pattern, but now we're sailing through the 4-round pattern rep. came ashore for a few brief errands. we're headed back shortly. wish you were here! xo


jenna said...

I checked your blog hoping for Project Runway commentary...but found something even better!

Your vacation looks and sounds picture perfect. Enjoy.

Marcia said...

Hi-we're all checking in but see you are having a divine vacation re-charging. Good for you!

Here's comments from Pink is New Blog who sums up my feeling about last night. Enjoy!

"I think Uli is going to be the one to beat. She may not be winning every challenge but she's quietly moving along, doing amazing work that (I hope) will prove that she is the best designer there. Jeffery did very well ... even tho he's still a jerk, I really liked his outfit. I hated everything that Kayne did in this challenge. He really saved himself in the end by changing that bottom but he was a complete mess. His model's hair and makeup was just horrid. He lost all of his brownie points on that one challenge ... he better not eff up like that again. And I gotta know ... who peed in Laura's Corn Flakes? She was so pissy and bitchy ... she's turning into Jeffery ... she is so much better than that. I really thought she was going to beat the crap out of Vincent in the end. I was totally crushed to see Allison go but her dress really was bad. It all came down to the fit ... the hair was bad but not as bad as Kayne's, the dress was ugly but not as ugly as Vincent's ... if her fit had been better she would've made it. Personally, I think she should've stuck with that first skirt she was making ... anything would have been better than that wadded up snot rag dress she came up with. BTW, what is up with Vincent? He said that his dress was so hot that it "Got [him] off" and that it "Turned [him] on". WTF? He sounds like he needs some lovin' in the worst way. I would've totally voted him off and kept Allison but that's just me ... I can see why the judges did what they did. Michael pulls off another win (I did like his design ... I think I preferred Uli's braided dress more tho) ... maybe he'll be on the one to go head-to-head with Uli in the end? That would rule actually. Great show ... but Vincent has to go soon.

rachel said...

I figured we'd see lots of bitching about last night's Project Runway on your blog by now!

Glaistig said...

Are you wearing Wellies or some other cute rain/slogging boots in that pic? Off the coast of Maine? I'm very jealous. Anna looks lovely!

PutYourFlareOn said...

Oooh. fab! Island knitting is the best!

So, what did you think of the latest episode of Project Runway?

kate said...

i haven't gotten to see it yet--no 'lectricity on the island!

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