so, they aufed mister ro--er, robert.

laura is expecting her seventh child. or as she likes to think of it, "throwing another one on the pile." i love this girl. apparently her proclivity toward exposing vast areas of unattractive flesh is an inherited trait. did you note the UADD on her freakin mother?! no fear of sleeveless attire there. thank god she chose not to go topless as her daughter is so fond of doing.

michael kors's mother sounds an awful lot like isaac mizrahi's mother who sounds an awful lot like harvey fierstein. just saying.

fleurchon levels last night were thankfully set below the normal terror alert of orange.

MK on michael's horrid reversible dress: "i love that he thinks about it." word to you budding designers out there: don't forget to think, 'kay?

overall, i loved the part where they brought the moms out and all the designers promptly burst into tears. was it joy or relief? (as in: thank god, it's my mom. can you imagine if we actually had to touch real fat people off the street?) and it was good to see that while he doesn't have a brain, vincent does indeed have a heart. other than that, this challenge sucked. and not just the part where they exploited these peoples' mothers. (i am no fan of angela, and i think her mother is just as whiny as she is. still, that is no reason for scary, chinless, junkie jeff to go all assholey on her.) the clothes were just bo-ring. there wasn't one good outfit. due, i'm sure to the designers' overall squeamishness and disdain for the plus-size figure. this was so obvious, it was uncomfortable to watch. i mean, these are people who think this woman is "zaftig."

the only watchable part of the whole hour was this brilliant nike spot.

hoping for better next week. as for this week, let's just throw it on the pile with the rest of them, shall we?


Kim said...

Great post! I did like Uli's frock though. And is it my imagination or does Tim's uttering "Designers?" get more high pitched each week? Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, Laura's expecting her sixth child, not her seventh.

PutYourFlareOn said...

I liked Uli's print top, she's really great at picking out stunning prints and putting them together. Robert's dress was boring though the concept was smart. I was sad to see Robert go but as the panel said he's been boring the last few episodes... oh well! As for Robert being an ass to Angela's mom, saw that coming. Those two just hate each other don't they.

One more thing, how does tassels = audrey hepburn style?

I love your commentary on Project runway every week. Keep it up!

Lori said...

I think Uli will win it. This week's episode really tanked. But I can't wait for next week!

jenna said...

I'm glad Robert and his boring boring boringness are finally gone.

Did you hear Vincent advise Jeffery to "make it work?" Original.

clairity123 said...

what a boring episode!!....Angela's mother was so whiney....and jefferys' outfit looked like he went to salvation army and tore up a bunch of clothes to stitch together.It was staged to make jeffery look bad.

Kim said...

Oh Michael, I love you but a reversible dress is about as appealing as reversible pants. Yuck.

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