close-knit weekend

the perfect fall knitting idyll: a family reunion of sorts in vermont. the quintessential new england backdrop...mountains, fresh air, yarn shops, and enough rowan tweed 4-ply to pave the main drag with felted squares. it started with a visit to the adorable whippletree yarn shop in woodstock, vermont. there, we found an entire wall of rowan. haze, felt, big wool, calmer, and the elusive 4-ply tweed in every imaginable color.

then, it was back to the summit lodge in killington for some non-stop knitting and eventual hand-felting on the deck. turns out an ice bucket filled with hot water and a little hotel shampoo bottle makes perfect felt.

the result: these beautiful felted squares. (no jimmy, "Felted Squares" is not the name of a boxing heavyweight. my husband is a real comedian when it comes to knitting terms.)

and...finally...more solarises! (be patient, yahaira...your is coming. i promise.)


Derek Rydall said...

This blog came up when I was looking for stuff on "Screenplay Analysis". That's sort of odd, but I guess these engines can find connections in many ways. I'm a screenwriter, script consultant, and author, so I'm always keeping my eyes open for interesting people, stories, ideas, etc...so thanks for being out in the blog-o-sphere!

yahaira said...

woohoo! I cant wait!

your trip sounds soo great, I want to go to Vermont just to knit (and to visit the Rowan wall)

clairity123 said...

i think i like that one best!

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