the joy of saks

while perusing the fall saks catalog, i came across this spread featuring fabulous folkloric clogs and the ultimate knitting bag. (as if.) see? even high fashion has gone crafty!


tammy said...

I have been noting this in all of my girly fashion mags, allure, lucky, vogue, elle, etc.
Handknits are very big this season. I saw a fairly plain handknit cotton sweater in one mag that was priced at $825. For COTTON??

Melissa said...

Yeah, wouldn't it be nice to have a Prada knitting bag? I'm a purse nut, but I even think a Kate Spade diaper bag is a bit ridculous.

sarah said...

I wish I could $825 for my handknits (per Tammy's comment)! That's probably about what they're worth with all the time you put into them.

Saks is crazy. The sad part is that some people will probably buy it thinking they're tres chic. I'm all about the cheap.

JustApril said...

Love your title logo, it's cool! I guess somewhere there are some rich knitters? That's nice. eh? lol

Pixiepurls said...

what's most funny about that is, the yarn in that bag looks like some super cheap lions brand lol.

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