river: should i stay or should i go?

i'm at my 12th rep...what to do? i guess i could have a rep or two left in me, but i sure would like to be done. so i guess i could just stop now and block the hell out of this thing. my goal is to get it long enough to wear with that beaded scrunchie. the chick in the rowan book must be about as narrow as a box of spaghetti...the river she has on is long enough to drape over her shoulders and fall to her waist!


savannahchik said...

well, it will definitely stretch quite a bit once blocked. you could try stretching it out and see what you get -- although you should get more stretch when it's wet.

yahaira said...

mine stretched out pretty nice after blocking, but go ahead and do an extra repeat or two and then finish it. (like how I dont really give any advice?) diana at streetsandyos added a ton of repeats, did you see hers?

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