river: in the flow

wip: river
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am finally getting into a rhythm with this pattern. i've gone totally schizo with needles on this project. started off on bryspun 10.5 circs. didn't like the cable on those so switched to 10.5 susan bates longs. didn't have 10.5 in shorts, so switched to 10 shorts (the longs kept banging into my leg. ugh.). didn't like the points on those, so today i picked up a pair of balene 10s. couldn't find bryspuns at this particular yarn shop, but the balenes have pretty sharp tips, so we'll see how it goes. if these don't work, i may resort to chopsticks.


Anonymous said...
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clairity123 said...

man 0h man..its lovely!!!!! and i love the trance ksh, good choice. Really nice tension and even lace stitching....am i gushing?Thats one pretty river.

sandy said...

I've just started River. What needle did you decide to use. I'm using Bryspun 8 on it. Not using Kidsilk but Alchemy hand dyed in ORANGE!!! Seemed like a good idea at the time. (G)


kate said...

hi sandy...i ended up with the bryspun 10s. your alchemy orange sounds so cool...you'll have to post a pic of your FO somewhere so we can see : )

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