when i'm 65

get a load of this paper i wrote in 4th grade. actually, not all that much has changed from my 10-year-old vision of domestic bliss. except the part about dusting, doing dishes and making beds. and of course the part about knitting til the phone rang. these days, i wouldn't bother to answer.


yahaira said...

I like how the your young self led us to a punch line!

knitchick2 said...

How did your teacher correct the spelling on "wonderful" and "patience," but manage to let "betcha" (or betca) slide???

Knit until the phone rang...too funny.

Whit said...

I think that's what I'm gonna do - knit until the phone rings!

Thanks for the chuckle. :O)

Anonymous said...

That cracks me up. You haven't changed ONE BIT. Adorable.

Anonymous said...

It's actually me, Jane, not anonymous.

Knittyknitter said...

ah ha ha ha ha!
That's so funny!
It's so funny how little kids think,... like how you'll knit until the phone rings. I guess that's an important event in a child's eye, when a person is retired; maybe their too old to go out and hang out with people, so wait until the phone rings.

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