solaris how-to

i had so much fun making this...my first felted object! it would actually make an excellent first knitting project or all-around crafting project since there is much craftiness involved...knitting, felting, sewing and beading! i still have to sew on the ribbon ties that turn it into a wristlet, but i was so excited to get this far, i just had to post this little pictorial of the process so far.

step 1: knit a square
step 2: hot wash with flip flops!
step 3: tada: felt!
step 4: cut in to a circle
step 5: using template, make v-shaped slits
step 6: choose your embellishments
step 7: overstitch all raw edges
voila: solaris!
solaris full frontal
solaris close-up


yahaira said...

damn that was fast!

it came out really cute, Ive been eyeing some of the felted projects from #38 as well

clairity123 said...

that is soooooo cool!!! what yarn did you use, and what did you use for the overstitches?? i love it!

hello pretty city said...

whoa....how did you decide to use flip flops? this is such a good idea!

me said...

That was very cool and cute!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Kate! Very inventive. I could see these being embellishments on a tree, a purse, a blanket, a pillow...whatever. Great job!


PutYourFlareOn said...

**drool** I want one!! I am going to have to try to make that except that my washing machine in France isn't a top loader but a front loader and I can't open to check on the felting as it goes.

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