louisiana 1927

driving my car to buckman's car wash this morning. the WRUR deejay says this one goes out to all the katrina survivors. like they're all tuned in up here in new york state. the left wheel of my mini cooper jams into the track. violins. sheets of water pouring over me. a lonesome piano. a nasal serenade. they're trying to wash us away, they're trying to wash us away. oh god randy newman don't do this to me. and then, in a moment as finely tuned as any i have ever experienced in my life, the music ends. the water stops. and i sit in a car wash, tears streaming down my face.


tammy said...

Heavy stuff man! I LOVE riding through the car wash, dark, quiet, alone, clean, wet, it's a special place!

kate said...

yeah, i know...a little on the dark side for a knitting blog, but that's what i was feelin at the time.

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