kim hargreaves speaks

today, i got an email from KIM HARGREAVES.

wow. she reads and answers her own email. imagine that.

i was trying to figure out where i could purchase the amazing WINTER BLOOMS and EARTHLY TREASURES. (had i taken the time to actually READ the copy rather than simply drool over the designs, i would have noticed that they're only sold individually as kits.)

but no matter, because i got this info from the knitting goddess herself:

Hi Kate

Thank you so much for your email, unfortunately we don’t have books available for these two collections.

Our designs are only available in kit form; I know this an issue for many people - please let me say, we are really not wanting to be unhelpful, it’s just that we are a very small business and have only been up and running for a little over four months now. We invest so much into producing our patterns from pattern writing to photography, layout to printing, that we will not survive if we are to offer the patterns on their own at this stage.

Our kits do include yarn, colour pattern, back neck label and any buttons, bead or trimmings needed to complete a design.

Please do not hesitate to get back in touch if you need any further information.

Thank you again and best wishes,


yahaira said...

wow, that's very cool of her to get back to you. it makes sense what she is saying, its kinda hard to believe its only been 4 months considering she has 3 collections already and all the photography involved.

so are you going to get the kits?

sylv said...

yeah, does make sense if she needs to make a living with it, or like pay people like photographers and such..
Anyway, nice move from her to reply, ..now we'll know why !!

Anonymous said...
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Isabelle said...

I was in touch with Kim the last year about her books and yarns for her patterns and she is really a nice person .
I know that I would purchase her the yarns from rowan as soon as I would need them.
Happy knitting

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