chicks with sticks

so i went to my first local stitch 'n' bitch last night. i stumbled upon this group while procrastinating the t.v. spots i was supposed to be working on. (to any of my clients who may be reading this, rest assured that it was not your project i was putting off.)

they meet every other thursday at all different local coffee shops and bars. so far, they've met like five times at places like the old toad, lux lounge and last night's site, spot coffee.

met some very cool gals--jenna, chika, mary (who was learning to knit for the very first time), becky, rachel, carol, and a couple of other nice girls. carol was making a booga bag. becky was crocheting an amazing blanket. and jenna was knitting that urban outfitters shrug that some ingenious knitter figured out the pattern for.

as jenna said, too bad we weren't all knitting berets and black turtlenecks. cuz, along with our stich 'n' bitch, it also turned out to be open mike nite at spot. so while we were having a henfest, knitting away, and trying not to spill our lattes, various jack kerouac and alicia keys wanna-be's were waiting all sweaty-palm-like for their turn on the stage.

SNB newbie that i am, i brought along the back hem frill from butterfly. quite likely the least conversation-friendly pattern i could have selected. so in between trying to clap with one hand for the poetry slammers and get to know my chicks with sticks sistahs, i had the added challenge of trying to follow the most annoyingly complex lace pattern i have ever attempted.

i finally gave up and just sat there, listening to the slammers and the jammers and watching mary learn how to knit. i almost thought the emcee was going to drag one of us up there when he looked over at our group and announced that someone had to teach him how to do that "needlepoint" that we were working on.

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