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olga modeling the amazing hari

my long-time friend, the talented designer olga buraya-kefelian is waiting for word on whether she will have to evacuate her apartment in atsugi, japan. in the meantime, olga has graciously offered to donate the majority of her sales to help japan. 

in case you're not familiar with her work, her designs are challenging, innovative, and always inspiring...much like olga herself.

she writes:

I am pretty sure all of you have been glued to the TV's and watching the heartbreak of Japanese nation and the scale of this tragedy is just impossible to grasp. The military base I live on has organized taking and transporting donations to the affected areas. Blankets, non-perishable food, water, basic medical aid. As I am already here and just donating money didn't feel enough of what I could do.

So from March 14 for the next 2 weeks - 85% of my knitting pattern sales would go to Japanese people. I (with the help of hubby) would buy available provisions to donate for the Japanese victims relief.

my heart goes out to olga, her husband jason and their beloved kitty cat. i hope and pray that they are able to find a safe haven soon. to find out more about olga and participate in her efforts to help japan, please visit her blog, knit creations of a curious mind.

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