annie, get your shades

from the village collection
these karen walker shades are so annie hall, circa 2011. (check out the inspiring snapshots for this collection on KW's anti-fashion-fashion blog, right here.) part cat-eye, part nutty professor; with a pop of color for a little nudge-nudge, wink-wink. the gradient lens adds just the right touch of bobo cool. i'd sport these cuties with my paul & joe mini-trench for a great springtime gal-about-town look.

not that the french would notice. one thing that has struck me here is that very few parisians wear sunglasses. i'm not just talking about when it's grey outside. (and believe me, there are a lot of grey days.) but even on a day like today, with wall-to-wall sunshine. i wonder what that's about?


Z of ZKNITZ said...

Yeah that is kind of interesting. If you ever find out the answer to that, let me know. I'm curious to know why too.

But it is kind of interesting how different cultures are.

Maybe if you wear sunglasses they feel like you might be trying to hide something. I don't know. It's just a thought.

Michelle said...

miss you kate :(

lorenabr said...

Have no idea:) interesting!

knitlit kate said...

Z: funny that you mention that. was thinking the same thing the other day when i saw a ray-ban poster outside an optical shop. the headline: "never hide." the image was of a goofy, OTT american kid wearing wayfarer-style glasses. while i do think the sentiment may be correct, i just can't picture a parisian mugging for the camera like that.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

- Kate -

Yeah, I can't see a Parisian doing that either.

My mom and stepdad visiting Paris a few years ago. She told me that people there don't dress like Americans. In other words, they don't wear sweatpants (not even to run out and get the mail) or have rollers in their hair at the grocery store. They pretty much look good even when they are throwing out the garbage.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

- Kate -

Sorry, I meant "visited".

ariennalee said...

perfect shades for springtime in paris--even if the natives do eschew.

miss you!

i'll be in nyc in a few weeks, maybe i can hop a steamer across the atlantic from there.

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