dear french pickpocket:

i can handle the fact that you snatched my louis vuitton clutch. i will accept that my credit cards and mobile phone are now gonzo. but one thing i absolutely cannot abide is the fact that you took my iPhone...along with the snaps i shot while stalking the scene outside the ann demeulemeester show the other day. i had some amazing pix of this model and her friend smoking outside, their hair clipped up like the plumage on some exotic goth bird. for now, no time for cameras. i'll use my eyes instead. bon journee. and don't even think about trying that move again. i may be american, but i'm not stupid.


p.s. speaking of hair, this just reminded me  that i also wanted to post about some hair i saw while i was lurking outside the demeulemeester show. a woman had long black locks, dip-dyed to look like a rainbow cascading across her shoulders. who needs a knit cape when you have hair like that?


Siga said...

Oh no! I hope you managed to lock all your cards in time with no further financial damage to you.

Jillian Rueter said...

I'm sorry this happened to you.

Sayschnicklefritz said...

Aahh! I had my LV epi leather clutch stolen from a paint store in New York City. The culpret never tried to use my phone or credit cards, so clearly it was stolen for teh bag and not teh contents. Super annoying, and I feel y our pain, girl. Bon chance picking up the pieces.

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