where's your moses now?


red gown. red lips. red carpet. forget the red sea. who else but miss hathaway could cut a swath through THIS MUCH RED without completely drowning? the epitome of elegance and effervescence! do you agree? (it's okay if you don't. i'll still love you.)


Mishi said...

yes I agree! she was positively fabulous and Mr. Valentino was positively orange!! And what about the rest of her gowns? too much beauty for one person.

Hope you are tearing up the town for Fashion Week a la Paris!

News!! I started my first project in the round a couple weeks ago - the simple pleasures hat. Michelle coaxed me, but it's going slow - so am happy to know you are knitting a round and putting it down..If only for a train. :)

debutante ball dresses said...

Completely agree!!! Anne Hathaway look so beautiful in this red gown..it looks so elegant..best fitted outfit for a celebrity like her.

WendyB said...

LOVE that dress!

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