from the archives: amazing lace

what: twinkle sweater

when: april 2008

why i still heart it: i've spotted this sort of loose T all over paris. and it's right in line with S/S11's lacy looks.

how i'd wear it now: with a pair of slouchy cuffed wool shorts, tucked just in the front so the rest is kind of loose and swingy in the back. add grey sheer or opaque tights, some red ballet flats and a black leather biker jacket. accessorize with a long necklace that hits just at the top of the ribcage or a scarf looped around your neck and you're ready to rock the boulevard st. germain in style!

p.s. as my friend siga, of the lovely juicy knits, points out, if you knit the twinkle lacy T, be sure to lengthen it by an inch or so, to make it long enough to tuck in. siga adds that this T is her all-time fave and most wearable knit! seems like it would be cozy, light, drapey, and spring-like knit in a soft alpaca silk...i wish i had my blue sky alpaca stash over here in france!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater. I love your stylings, too!

Siga said...

Out of all my knits, this is the one I wear most. And I've been thinking to make a new version of it. If you decide to knit it up, make sure to make the bottom part somewhat longer. That way you'll be able to style it according to your description.

leah said...

anyone know of a place where you can just buy the one pattern? i'd definitely like to try and knit this one up.

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