i hype stripe

summer may be a long way off. but it's never too early to start dreaming in color. bold, graphic, stripey color. prada's S/S11 stripes reminded me of my gum-smacking youth.

it's easy to get horizontal with biscuit & jam's genius random stripe generator.  i borrowed some color inspiration from the look above and generated this dr.-seuss-on-steroids pattern.

i'm also cuckoo for coco stripes, despite their ubiquitous presence over the past few seasons.

look at tuscon-by-way-of-paris artist valerie galloway's charming french stripe ladies.

i shot this picture because of the amazing graffiti on the storefront. but now that i look at it again, i'm also struck by the stripes on the street...and in the shutters...and even on the sign.

and i love the green & white awning stripe against the bright pop of color in the produce. (that's my husband jim trying out his best "je ne sais quoi" in front of our paris "wegmans.")

those parisians and their stripes!
celine S/S11

and, of course, no collection would be jammin' without this stripe, mon.


Jillian Rueter said...

Stripes are glorious! :)

Kate said...

One of the young actresses on the SAG awards tonight had on a dress like the top photo but full length. It was tres adorable.

knitlit kate said...

sounds cool...will have to check it out.

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