bonjour paris!

we arrived in paris on tuesday morning.

we've been busy acclimating: checking out our new apartment, finding shops and services in our new neighborhood in st. germain, and meeting jim's european colleagues. yesterday, i took time out to wander into paris shopping mecca, le bon marche. the spectacular escalators were designed by the legendary andree putman. i hit up the serge lutens counter to try on some fragrance and managed to knock over an entire table of eau de parfum. (desolee 'bout that.)

walking back along rue du bac, i noticed some fine specimens of knitwear. not a great photo, but this is a sweater salvadore dali could appreciate, with its multiple neck openings as if so many sweaters were knitted into one. (p.s. my friend olga tells me it is japanese for sure. hmmm, yohji or isse is that you?)

doesn't this heap of cashmere look good enough to eat? and, come to think of it, that stitch is reminiscent of andree's criss-cross escalator design, n'est-ce pas? in paris, savoir flair eez everywhere!

i'm not sure if this was actually a scarf or a window treatment...either way, i love the way it drapes.

today, i'm making my maiden solo voyage on the metro. my plan is to visit the lovely aimee of l'oisivethe in the 13th arrondissement.



Oooh la la!! Welcome to Paris, Kate. That is awesome, I hope you have an amazing experience and the 'Dali' sweater looks like something Japanese for sure =) Hugs.

Siga said...

It'll be interesting to hear how you'll like l'oisivethe. I've been to that shop when I visited Paris. It's more of a coffee shop that a yarn store. But they've got some nice yarn there...

knitlit kate said...

hiiii ladies! thanks for the comments. just returned from l'oisivethe...so adorable and aimee could not have been more delightful. will post more about it soon. xoxok

crystal glamour said...

wow looks so cool :)

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Mishi said...

So nice to read you again! Tea and knitting? perfection..And what a great way to bone up on your francais

ou' est le rayon des chaussures s'il vous plait?

Faye said...

Paris?! Eeeek! I'm SO excited for you. Living cross-culturally is such an incredible adventure! :) :) :)

Plus I feel like you're totally the type of person who belongs in a place like Paris.

Anonymous said...

OH! I was in Paris last May! I stayed in St. Germain des Pres as well!! Make sure you got to the restaurant simply named 'Fish'. It's run by an Austrailian guy and the food and staff are LOVELY!!
I ate there several times!!

knitlit kate said...

mish: thanks for delurking and commenting, my friend! now if i can only get some of you others to come out of the shadows...ahem, BETH.

faye: thanks for the nice comment...and you should know, you world traveler, you! this will certainly be a new adventure.

anon: thanks for the resto reco...and please delurk with more if you think of them.


Jennifer v.E. said...

Hi Kate,

I am so jealous! (And I was going to de-lurk even before I saw your plea.) Have a wonderful time in Paris. I spent a semester in Rennes and back then all the French girls knit without even thinking about it. I only crocheted back then...

Jennifer v.E.

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