zoe major: tripping the light puntastic

as a writer, it goes without saying that i love words. and when they're words from one of my favorite fashion characters, well, let's just say i die. which might explain why i found myself lolzing all over my irish oatmeal this morning at the latest zoe report headline about alexander wang's torrence handbag: "chitty chitty wang wang." seriously. who writes this stuff? 

so here, without further ado, is my top 10 list of rachel zoe fashion puns. or, as i like to call them, "zoe-gasms."

1. up close & proenza
2. nars-iccistic
3. you've got mail (about an envelope clutch)
4. ball & kayne
5. lanvin on a jet plane
6. peeping tom (about some new tom ford sunnies)
7. you don't know 'drille (about some platform espadrilles)
8. a book fit for mcqueen
9. somertime (about a new product from kate somerville)

and (drum roll, please) my personal fave... the headline that takes the zoe-gasm to a whole 'nother level, deftly layering one of rachel's own catchphrases on top of a pun about an iPad and excessorizing it with a factoid about rachel's breathless adulation for oscar de la renta. bah-nan-as.

10: iDie for oscar


Susan Holloway Scott said...

Zoe punny! I love her blog, love her show, and love that leopard coat. Vicarious delight! How great would it be always to have that little posse of beauty-fashion guys to prep you for, well, everything?

I'm looking forward to your reports from NYFW....

krazybarrister said...

what's not to love about rachel zoe -- great collection of puns!

knitlit kate said...

@susan: how true! we all need a beauty posse! and i am a big fat procrastinator. i need to get my thoughts together and post about my trip to IFB before too much time goes by.

@jane: wonderful to hear from you, girl! long time, no see. thanks for stopping by. are you on facebook? drop me a note sometime. would love to catch up!

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