back to school

in the spirit of getting back to school, i signed up to attend tomorrow's independent fashion blogger's conference in nyc. this will be a great opportunity to learn more about fashion blogging, how to improve my blog, and meet and share ideas with other bloggers. 

i'm excited that bloglovin's mattias swenson is one of the speakers. i've noticed the very cool fashiony line drawings of the lady pictured in the upper right corner on some of my fave blogs. but to be honest, i never really got the gig.

this morning, i finally got around to checking what the buzz is about. basically, bloglovin' is a way to explore all kinds of cool blogs about lifestyle, art, photography, fashion, interior design, and more. along with tons of reco's for blogs to love, you can sign up to get a little lovin' for your own blog.

feeling the love for knitlit? just click on the link in the upper right corner of my blog. and faster than you can say "fetch that chick a nipple cover," you'll be  following my blog with bloglovin. have your own blog? why not get some lovin' for yourself?

also, watch this space as i'm planning to tweet lots of pics and updates from the conference tomorrow. it should be a lot of fun...and hopefully inspirational!


WendyB said...

LOL @ "nipple cover"!

I'll be there tomorrow!

FashionLifeCoach said...

I would love to join this event, but I am out of any distance.Hope they keep up this "meeting" and next season I am part of it. Have fun and keep me posted.
Thanks for follwing my blog and your comment is totally appreciated.


Anonymous said...

your links to other pages on your site, which are pictured below the current installment, aren't working. Thought you might could check to make sure it's not just me:)
love the blog

knitlit kate said...

thanks anon...just checked 'em and they seem to be working ok...maybe it was a temporary blogger glitch :)

365 Fashion Rehab said...

It was so great meeting you, too! And I cannot believe you were in a bar with Bradley Cooper - swoon is right!!!
How did you find the conference? Was it helpful? Did you have a favorite speaker? I think I may have liked Emily the best (though I am biased b/c I totally love her blog!) Even though some people didn't like that she had a written speech prepared, I appreciated that a lot more than Fashion Toast's "talk", which I found so disrespectful that I left.
Oh well - overall, I thought it was great!
Checked you out on Bloglovin' today and 365 Fashion Rehab is now following you!
So great to meet you!!!
Love, P

365 Fashion Rehab

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