it's back (just in case you thought it left)

this just in from the stylistas at whowhatwear.com. it's always nice to see handknits resurface as a "trend" in the fashion press. even though we all know it never truly goes away. as a sidenote, notice the chanel dress on alexandra richards...look familiar? the article says she wore it to the tribeca film festival. which means it's probably the exact same dress we were trying on in chanel's soho boutique in april. which makes us a mere two degrees of fashion separation from...the stones. or maybe i should say it makes keith richards two degrees of separation from an old lady in a rocking chair clacking away on her knitting needles. as if.


Ana Luisa said...

Hi, Kate!

Do you remember me? I am Ana from the Fake-a-gamo Translation to Portuguese.

I'm writing you just to tell that this next Saturday we are going to move from Brazil to White plains.

If you can give me same tips about the city (Crafts shops, etc...) I'd be thankfull.


Knitting Out Loud said...

Well, these days if you put knitting needles in his hands...

Radu Prisacaru - UK Internet Marketer said...

Fantastic blog. Keep on rockin, I invite you to see my post, I hope you will find interesting too.

Rose :: FineCraftGuild.com said...

sorry to bother you
but could you please point us to where on your blog
your fake-a gamo bag pattern is posted.

'everyone' online says it here...
but where is it???? ha.

thank you so much!!
i would really appreciate your response.

contact at finecraftguild.com

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