fringe benefits

readers of this blog will know that i am slightly obsessed with shaggy embellishments. and who can blame me with all the fringe benefits the current season is dishing up? case in point: this loopy vest from missoni. i am also mad about this topshop fringe jacket paired with gold lame by one of my favorite style bloggers betty.

i'm not exactly sure of the genesis of this obsession. maybe it's a flashback to a childhood filled with hirsute creatures like mister snuffleupagus and cousin itt. come to think of itt, was itt a he or a she?


Nicole said...

I think he was a he, cause he and the horrible neighbour's wife got together in the end.

fort nest said...

i heart missoni.

Erin Wallace said...

What I love about this loopy knit is that it gives the impression of wearing something fluffy, like a fur, but you don't have to skin anything. So cool.

Kate said...

"When not knitting or drinking, I often waste my time..." John Berryman. But you probably knew that already.

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