shag fancy

my obsession with shagging goes back a long way. but not in an austin powers way, mind you. i think it goes back to my best friend julie hood's big sister. i can't remember her name but i do remember she was always kind of cranky in a perpetually PMSing kind of way. also, she thought she was so big just because she wore a bra. that, and she had an orange shag rug in her bedroom which pretty much sealed the deal. now that brings me to this picture of the impossibly cool kate moss from a couple years back. she's so big she doesn't even HAVE to wear a bra. and of course, get a load of the shag on her.

this pair of power shags in the current issue of nylon sent me deep into the archives of my inspiration files to dig up the above shot of kate. i had planned to concoct a vest pattern; had even purchased some creamy thick-and-thin wool to shaggy-swatch with, but never got around to it.

for once, my procrastination tactics paid off. phildar's recent catalog features exactly what i had in mind. and i don't even need to translate into english!


Mandy said...

I saw a shaggy vest at the Gap over the weekend. Cream, short. Zipper, maybe?

kat said...

i'm with you on the shag. gotta love it.

Pascale said...

Excellent stashbuster!

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