cooper's flock

knitting draws us closer in the most extraordinary ways. four years ago, i became friends with lucinda, the owner of a charming little yarn shop in my neighborhood. fast forward a few short years. the yarn shop closed, lucinda married a wonderful guy named jamie, and the two of them had a beautiful baby boy named cooper. after a very short time on this earth, mini cooper's heart gave out.

somehow, a mere three months later, lucinda and jamie's hearts are going on. lucinda began to share her grief through a series of carepage postings which turned into a beautiful and simple idea. an idea to pay tribute to little cooper, whom they lovingly called "birdy" because of a little cooing sound he used to make. it is an idea that has already begun to help heal lucinda and jamie's broken hearts.

it's called cooper's flock. lucinda is hoping to knit 100 birds that will be placed on a special tree during cooper's memorial service. after that, they will be donated to the pediatric intensive care unit of a local hospital. there, each little birdy will be a symbol of cooper himself, watching over each tiny struggling life.

you can read more about lucinda and cooper's flock here. and if you like, you can even download a birdy pattern to knit yourself. in the process, you will help to ease a fellow knitter's pain, one stitch at a time.


lucinda said...

thanks dear friend. your post was just beautiful!

Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

This was such an amazing post - it has reduced me to tears. I can not imagine the loss and grief they must be feeling. Losing a child is something I think about quite alot! I hope it is many years from now that we are forced to deal with Olivia's life expectancy and her Cystic Fibrosis.

I will keep them in my thoughts, hopes and prayers!

Pascale said...

I just saw you had posted an entry and was expecting one of your witty and stylish commentaries so was not prepared for this heart-wrenching story about a beautiful baby and the cruelty of life. I cried a little bit and then immediately emailed for the Cooper's flock pattern to commemorate the little one. Thank you for reminding your readers about the frailty of beauty and for passing on this opportunity to make a creative contribution.

Roberta Granada said...

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Olgajazzy said...

Oh, Lucinda, my heart tears for you, I am so sorry, please be strong, HUGS dear! And all my love to you and your husband. I cried by the end of this, please give me addy where to mail the flock birds.

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