knitting is one of my obsessions. advertising copywriting is another. so perhaps that explains my absolute giddiness over this new font. created by a pair of estonian designers, it's called "thread."


Marcia Cleary said...

Hi Kate!
These are fabulous - I'm tempted to order. The web site is so interesting.
Love the new Rowan! scrumptious and the photography as always is devine.
I'm knitting basic hats and afghans for family, then back to Knittingbag for new designs shortly.
Stay warm & cozy,

Marcia Cleary said...

whoops, I mean "divine"!

knitlit kate said...

that sounds perfect marcia...i am in for some cozy knitting today myself...it's freezing out there!

Siga said...

Those fonts are so cool!

Anonymous said...

love this kate! you always find the coolest stuff.

Beverly said...

Did you see this on there too?http://www.handmadefont.com/kniting.php

Anonymous said...

this is great for font-junkies like myself. maybe it'll inspire a new banner or something:-)

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