the new eyelash

oh my. it's back. and it's not just for those looks-like-the-yarn-fairy-threw-up scarves everyone's mom was knitting them a few years back. of course, i'm talking about eyelash--the yarn, not the hairs that grow on the edge of your eyeballs. was it perhaps spurred on by such flights of fancy as these amazing plumes from shu uemura?

or could it have been concoctions such as this lashtastic number mary kate wore to the metropolitan costume gala last year?

either way, it was just a matter of time before eyelash resurfaced in knitwear. and in, of all places, this surreal knit dress by the fabulously daft punks at rodarte. if you don't believe me, feast your eyes on the detail shot below and there it is, in all its phun phurry glory.

i, for one, could not be happier to see eyelash sweetly batting its eyelashes again. maybe it has something to do with having a mother who amassed a huge collection of glamourous feather boas, all carefully packaged in satin pillowcases in her cedar closet. or so many saturday nights, entranced atop on the purple shag-covered toilet lid, while my mother stood before the bathroom mirror, carefully glueing on her false eyelashes, one, and then the other.


Team Knit ! said...

I've seen this sweater/dress in so many magazines!! I'm intrigued.

- Julie

chocolatestarfysh said...

This dress is pretty awesome!

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