who's your grandpa?

i am digging the notion of the grandpa cardigan as my soon-to-be winter staple. cozy, comfy, and, surprisingly chic. (though it does help to be blake lively as opposed to, say, blake carrington...or, robert blake.)

with a little added length, rowan's blaze would make a lovely option.

maurizio, by debbie bliss, is also grandpappy-worthy and could easily be sized down for a woman.

manos del uruguay has a whole slew of them in their design source collection: button-ups.


Nettie said...

I dig the grandpa cardi, but I'm too schlumpy already. Add this cardi and I'm a hippie in 2008.

yoel said...

I need the midget grandpa cardi. My legs are already too NOT blake lively.

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