post-surgery checklist

i will spare you the "after" pic. too bad they don't make surgical stitches a little more aesthetically pleasing. say, a cozy blanket stitch in a nice kidsilk haze. i'm thinking candy girl. so much prettier than the stiff, hempish black thread they use.

so i now have a freshly trimmed meniscus and brand-new ACL courtesy of dr. mcdreamy. well, new to me i should say. it just occured to me that cadaver tissue is sorta like the ultimate recycle-reuse. it's pretty incredible when you think about it.

amy winehouse be damned! i say let the rehab begin. bring on the ankle pumps, quad flexes, leg lifts.

i am hooked up to an automatic ice machine that circulates ice water from a beer cooler to a bag that's strapped to my knee. i'm not kidding about the beer cooler part. jim is already jonesing to stash a six pack of bud in there. who needs bud when you got vicodin, that's what i say.

so i am ensconced on a bed that we moved downstairs into the den. i have my laptop, a cup of coffee and a constant flow of ice to my knee. what's not to love?

the hardest part is not being able to access my stash at will. i have to send poor jim on missions to find this needle or that skein of yarn. i had been planning on making a pair of mrs. beetons, but can't seem to find any dpns in the right size. i was rooting around online for something else and stumbled upon another wonderful spring fancy from whit on the lovely purlbee.


Macoco said...

I'm glad the surgery went well - I hope your recovery goes just as well! I know exactly what you're talking about with the ice thingie. A coworker had her rotator cuff operated on and got one of those. I was amazed.

K8 said...

Glad to hear the surgery is done and went well. I've been kicking myself for years for getting rid of that cooler - it was in a fit of major destashing before I moved into a tiny guesthouse. Hope the rehab goes quickly!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and love it! I sympathize with your surgery - I've had three of my own over the last 9 years, but on another anatomical part. The Pretty Lace Handwarmers are delightful - just looking at them makes me feel great! I also love your Victorian Fleur Knitted Choker, but am having problems finding the free pattern on the link to the right. Any suggestions on where to find it? Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Christie said...

Glad to hear your hobbling down the road to recovery. And those gloves are too cute!

a friend to knit with said...

glad to hear that you are on your road to recovery.
hopefully it goes well and quickly.
so cute that you have a helpful "runner" ! :)
love the mitts.

jenna said...

Ooh, that IS a pretty pattern. Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Ah! "delurking kate" here....so glad things went well. Yeah, the whole cadaver thing is pretty cool, and I'm grateful for mine everyday. The beer cooler had several uses after I was done with it...hahah...my college kid's dream. I was doing those leg lifts two days later...rehab will keep you busy, but it's all worth the effort. Work hard, rest easy, ponder, learn, knit, purl, knit, purl....

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