the patron saint of bad hair days

this is jason. he is the kind of friend who will tell you that you have a poppy seed stuck in your front tooth. who will advise you that you absolutely, positively should not wear those shoes with that dress. who can spot a prada knock-off and VPLs at 40 paces. who will regale you with stories like the one about the client in the next chair who called a hand cream with dead sea minerals "dead semen rolls." and he will do it all while waving a pair of scissors within a quarter-inch of your right earlobe.

it's not enough to say the guy is a genius hairstylist. i liken his technique to a laying on of hands. it's practically a religious experience. anyone who can take frizzy, overprocessed hair and turn it into sleek, gisele waves is pretty much a god to me.

so, awhile back, when he commissioned me to knit him a vest, who was i to say no? especially when he agreed to pay for it with something far more valuable than mere money: free blowouts and haircuts.

lately, i've started to get the impression that jason is just a tad skeptical about my progress on the vest, what with all my recents posts on feathers and shaggi bags and UO cowls. lurk all you want, jason. i am so onto you.

oh ye of little faith.




Tracy said...

Cool vest! I knit vicariously through you!


Genie said...

how do you get so much great stuff done?? love this vest!!!!

jenna said...

I wish I was Jason. That vest is going to be amazing! And it makes me smile when I look at the fancy little fair isle skulls. :)

a friend to knit with said...

love the vest.........the colors are great.
everyone should have someone in their lives like jason!

tangledup said...

yes, everyone should have someone like Jason....but how lucky we are to have someone like YOU!!

I'm envious of the time you spend creating - wish I didn't have this job-thing that occupied so much of my time.

Your vest is wonderful and I'm sure Jason will absolutely LOVE it.

mary said...

Love it! Lucky guy!

nstssj said...

That is damn impressive!

Gotta Knit! said...

that is a rockin vest!

jason said...

My dearest Kate-

Wow you have been hard at work!!! It looks so "F"ing cool i will be wearing it all the time!!! So a little bit of kind words must be said about Kate. Kate Dahling you are the most creative person i know. Not many people can knit,type,analize fashion trends,take pics of Mac,work on advertising,remeber old commercials and products of the 70's all at once. When you get to know Kate you feel as if you have been friends since the ninth grade. The girl who was always there to share her last drop of aqua net and last cigarette:) It rhymed...

But really no one i know inspires me more than Kate. She has been there for me watching me grow since i was a wee lad of 21. You have listened to my babble of growing up and always have given me great advice on life! Kate is always smiling and giving a witty comment to help you get through anything.

Love you


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