merry chickmas

our annual chicks with sticks chickmas gift exchange was held the other night at javas. we all fawned over rudolph, made by the adorable adrianna (pictured at right). also here at left is chicks founder, knits & pieces blogger, small bird crafter, uber knitter and is there anything this chick can't do, jenna. in the middle is the ever-prepared binet. exactly how well prepared is binet? i give you exhibit A:

when i put out a desperate plea for the largest crochet hook in the land, binet casually produced one the size of a turkey baster, prompting furtive inquiries about whether or not it required batteries.

michelle's chief knitting assistant luke also attended the festivities to supervise the refreshments and test the durability of the christmas tree ornaments.

krazy jane rocked an entrelac headband knit by her secret santa.

i got two gorgeous beaded cuffs from jen.

here's jen in the purple, sitting next to kim.

all in all, a very merry chickmas. not even the $70 parking ticket i found stuck to my car when i got outside could change that.


MRS MJW said...

The reindeer is absolutely adorable.

jenna said...

Yay! Go Chickmas!

Anonymous said...

help! I want to find the free Victorian Fleur Knitted Choker pattern you feature in the right column, but I can't navigate the link - it's too general. Any tips?

Anonymous said...

I totally fell in love with the 'wedding dress' in black and white, your friend Lucinda made it. Where did she get the pattern from??
(I hope there is a pattern...)

thanks a lot!

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