oh, tim

lighten up, will ya? i think this bag is a gas. can't you just see SJP and kristin davis totally fighting over who was gonna get to carry it in the scene above?

but the really exciting news is this amazing treasure trove of knit goodies, from my friend marcia:

as soon as i receive the feathers i ordered, i'm going to start playing with the burly spun. the yarn in the actual fendi is pretty loosely plied...more like twinkle soft chunky than the burly spun, but the color is just perfect for the bag that shall be named SHAGGI. i love the gedifra gigante, as well, but not sure the thick and thin will give the right effect. it will be fun to experiment though.


Nora said...

Hilarious articles [MRSA]! I love it!

Marie said...

Just to be different I would want it!!! I have to look through my stash and see what goodies I can use...hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

I was at Harriman Outlet Mall in September and saw the real Ferragamo in their outlet store. A discounted price tag of $1,000. they had blue and purple. they were huge but the opening and handle set up just didn't make it work. Not nearly as nice as all the ones knitted up here.

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