looky what my BKFF clarity123 whipped up for me. taking pity on my own sad attempt at a slouchy showercap (er, beret), she took crochet hook in hand and showed me what the blues is all about. i didn't think anything could make me wish for a sudden cold snap.


pamela wynne said...

so cute! Do you know what pattern she used? (Or she a crochet prodigy who didn't need a pattern?)

Knittyknitter said...

"Showercap".... ha ha ha. That cracks me up! It looks really cute in the second pic, leaning on one side.

p.s- the best friend cardi looks great! I'm planning on making one sometime soon. Any tips?

See ya. :)

jenna said...

Oh, how nice! It really looks good on you!

Anonymous said...

she really did a gorgeous job. plus that blue really looks stunning on ya.


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