wild thing

after our wild woolies' success at an awards show the other night, the local paper decided to do a profile on the shop behind it all, wild wools yarn. the owner of the shop, lucinda snyder, not only has a keen sense of color and fashion, but she and a partner, rachel chaffee, are the designers behind the up-and-coming modalura. (which, by the way, was recently named the featured designer for blue sky alpacas.) i'm so proud to be affiliated with such a wildly talented chick!

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jenna said...

I e-mailed Lucinda ealier to tell her that I accidentally saw the article today as a co-worker was drawing me a map on the edge of the newspaper.

Anyway! I'm excited to know BOTH of you big wigs in the Rochester knitting community! (No, that was not a reference to your latest FO.)

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