kiss me i'm twinkle!

just snagged myself two bags o' twinkle soft chunky in a st. patrick-approved shade of green. managed to score them as they were being unloaded here. magically delicious!

addendum: just knit up a little swatch for the shopping tunic. so far, so good on US19s. along with the super-saturated emerald green, one thing i really like about the twinkle soft bulky already: the edges lay flat and don't curl. also, the swatch feels as light as a feather. as for ease, it appears to have quite a bit of soft stretchiness widthwise; not so much lengthwise.

also, i found this reassuring note about twinkle sizing on the classic elite website:

"some designs have a seemingly small bust measurement but they are designed to be fitted in that way. a woman will find in her closet that a boxy jacket will have a different measurement than a lycra sexy dress although they both fit her. throughout the book, sizing is consistent: XS=31"-33" bust, S=33"-35", M=35"-37", L=37"-39". twinkle sweater design is less about fancy stitches but more about creating a modern shape in a sweater."


Rachel said...

You beat me to the green! I showed up about 10 minutes later and after looking through everything, I asked Chris and Luc where the green was. I have this unhealthy addiction to knitting with green, so I guess you beating me to it is a good thing. :) I can't wait to see what you make with it!

Kelly B said...

THEY'RE IN!!!!! I just called Lucinda to ask about it. Although I'm sad that there's no more green!!! :(

clairity123 said...

oh what a delicious green!! anxious to see your progress!!

lekkercraft said...

nice! the shopping tunic is the first pattern i want to make from the book as well but haven't gotten the yarn yet. can't wait to see how yours comes along!

Janice said...

yay! i love that color. after having seen the colors in real life, would you say the colors in the book are true?

anyways, can't wait to see your shopping tunic!

Knittyknitter said...

Hey Kate,
just wanted to let you know that you are among the "8" living knitters that haven't made the clapotis yet... lol.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the sizing reassurance. I'm checking "Big City Knits" out tonight.

shopgirl said...

Ooooh lucky lucky!
I am still waiting for twinkle yarn to make an appearance in my lys. Happy to hear that it is as great as I want it to be!

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