perhaps they'll rename it "vogue crochet"

i was just perusing the vogue knitting site to see if there's been any editorial response to the capecho fiasco. instead, found a sneak peek into the upcoming issue. it contains a letter from VK editor trisha malcolm, announcing her departure from the book's helm. the new editor is former VK fashion editor and editor-in-chief of knit.1 and knit simple, adina klein. out of curiosity, i googled her and turned up this quote from a june 2006 nterview with crochetinsider.com:

i have crochet envy because these days I'm much more attracted to what crochet can do than to what knitting can do: the structure, the organic quality.

it will be interesting to see what impact she'll have on the book.


Olgajazzy said...

I have heard about those news about 2 months ago from Yarn Market Magazine. Crochet can be exciting, but limited in my opinion..or may be just because personally i grew much bigger fan of knitting.
Do you the the VK preview?
I am not quite sure...need close-ups =)

clairity123 said...

hmmmmmmm...looks like crochet may be a front runner . But i certainly have my doubts about knit1 and knit simple, those two mags are the only knit s published i actually throw away.I love crochet but people are still publishing ugly bumpy crappy designs that give crochet a bad rep.Rowan and kim Hargreaves seem to be the only ones out there that make knitters long for crochet skills.

jenna said...

(Gulp.) Yipe.
Crochet always looks so...crocheted.

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