fake-a-gamo by rosemary

i love this interpretation of the fakie by popular swedish blogger rosemary. (alas, her blog is in swedish, but you can look at the pretty pictures!) the cheery, cherry wool really pops against the blonde hardwood handles, which she salvaged from a vintage bag. and it's perfectly styled with the woolen mittens, knit for rosmy by her mother. check out more fun fakie pics here.


Anonymous said...

I love that pink. Or red. Either is fine.

Anita said...

That’s beautiful Katie! You are a treasure hunter, aren’t you?
I have been knitting my fake-a-gamo using a rustic thick cotton yarn (I am not sure about the translation to English, I found “string”). We use the string in Brazil to crochet mattings and it has a nice organic look. I already can see my fake-a-nita on a sunny hippie style day.
I am having a lot of fun while knitting your pattern, thank you so much again. You will see when it is finished.
Best wishes!
Beijo, beijo

clairity123 said...

love that red...really love those mittens!!!!

Anonymous said...

so precious. those freakin gloves are killer.

Rosmy said...

Thank you all, and thank you Kate for showing my bag on your blog.

My mother knits those mittens and sell them at Christmas markets (very common in Sweden in december). I love them!

Sorry that my blog is in swedish but if you want a translation just ask me!

donnac368 said...

So many Fake-Os out there. Just added mine to the Flckr pool. Any thoughts on what will be "in" this Spring?

Amanda said...

OMG! There are so many very cool Fake-Os! I want to make my very own but I tried to send a request from the link and it bounced back. How can I get a copy of the pattern?

csh9k said...

I really want the pattern, but I some how can't email you. Could you please email it to me? That would be awesome!! its such a super cute pattern!

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