waterproof knitting?

ahhh, i love the smell of latex in the morning. apparently, they couldn't find a human who would model this number. but why not, i ask? what better way to shield your blowout? and more than that, the pink floral bathing cap is taking me straight back to the edge of the pool, eating a nutty buddy as i'm waiting for adult swim to be over.

in those days, bathing caps were mandatory. ya know, to save the delicate pool filter from becoming hopelessly clogged by the enormous hairballs that would invariably form whenever an uncovered head touched the water. but i'm also loving the sculptural form of this. the soft pink petals. and, i'm wondering, what knit creations could this inspire? is there such a thing as waterproof yarn?


eunny said...

Believe it or not, there is - behold, Teflon-coated yarn! Dale Hauk

Who knew, right? Something about the idea of a Teflon bathing cap is enormously appealing to me right now.

Larjmarj said...

Oy..my sister used to wear one of these, I think it scarred her for life.

Midnightsky Fibers said...

tencel or yarn spun from ecospun (fiber made from soda bottles), jellycord, or fuax cashmere (type of bylon fiber) could all make for interestign swim caps

the kitchener bitch said...

I have a lot of vintage cloche patterns that, though wool, actually come pretty close to this shape. I run a vintage pattern KAL and post a lot of patterns - I will try to see if I can find one that will fit your bill well. Although short of shredding a bathmat, I have no idea where you'd get that rubbery material.

Wendy S said...

You know the Knitting Calendar, the one with the new pattern every day? On Jan 7&8 the pattern was "Waterproof Mittens" knitted with Dale Hauk, mentioned above by Eunny, 100% wool which is teflon coated. The caption says, "New technology creates a wool yarn that is waterproof!" I've been reading some anti-teflon articles lately, but they refer to unhealthy chemicals released from teflon when it gets overheated (like 700 degrees or something). That probably wouldn't be much of a problem with mittens, though.... Moby Knit

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