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finally got to see the real salvatore ferragamo bag while visiting a friend in chicago this weekend. my friend knew the whole story and she was the one who spotted it from across the store, shouting, "hey, is that it!?" i was like, what are you talking about...and then i whirled my head around and there It was, perched atop the highest shelf in the bloomie's handbag department. i nearly knocked over the entire display in my frenzy to get at the bag. a clerk appeared out of nowhere, nervously eyeing the maniacal woman fondling and photographing the store's sole specimen of the bag.

to be honest, it was a bit of a let-down to see the ferragamo in person. it just seemed, well, smaller somehow...and definitely not worth plunking down $1,650 USD of my hard-earned cashola.

still, the details are pretty amazing...the wicker top is beautifully constructed. and the inside is lined with this very cool yellow-green taffeta. the curliecues are much tighter than the ones i made for my bag. and i was very surprised to see how soft the yarn was. i always imagined that it was sort of jute-like. in reality it is very close to classic elite provence i used for my fake-o.


sarah said...

Doesn't that make you happy that you can rip off major designers though? The real deal is always somewhat of a let down when you realize you can make the dang thing yourself. If only we could get someone to pay $1200 for our knitted items!!

Ellen Bloom said...

Great photo of the bag! I think yours looks as good as the original! Nice sleuthing!

Ellen B.
Los Angeles, CA

Mimi said...

I love the bag and yours just as well. You did a fab job on it. I must have the pattern, please.
Deb in Little Rock

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