from russia, with love (i think)

while checking out my blog stats today, i noticed a whole slew of links from here. it appears to be russia's version of craftster...it looks like even our friends over there have an obsession with decoding this ferragamo stitchery! i have no idea what it says, but i do see a lot of smiley faces...so hopefully, it's all good. small world, eh?

upon further investigation, it appears they also have the bag in a shade that would have barney drooling with lust:



yahaira said...

now youve entered the world of badass bloggers. can I even talk to you still?

clairity123 said...

wow how cool is that !!! you are internationally known as obsessed with the bag.

Amy said...

Ooh, you are famous in Russia. Love the purple version.

I tried to read the page using babelfish and the results are so funny.

"It is it's a pity, that 4 in the English not boom- boom... Mr.Green there anything about "pletenost'" of pishut' Question"

Corey said...

This bag looks enormous in this picture! What are the dimensions? And I just tried a different web page translator, World Lingo, and it seems to be better than Babelfish.

Chris said...

Wow, you'll be immortalized because of this bag - too funny!

Elsa said...

No, you must be mistaken...
The site is in russian and abviously the domen is russian, too.
As I understand, then were discussing different knitted bags, someone pointed at the ferrafamo bag and then happily found it was discussed somewhere else, too :)

Olgajazzy said...

Kate, i am speaking russian, and belonging to couple russian knitting forums, but i never came across this post. Do you need translation?
There are discussing that the whole beauty of the bag lies in the straw handle and they are trying to figure how to make one.Also they like the beige color better than purple. There are ideas of making it out of strips of leather, as well as "bum bum" means "nothing", the girl doesn't understand a word of english when she is recommended to go and see your blog. I wish there was some help with the pattern there =)
But let me know if you need anything!

Claire said...

Hey, Sal F. and I think alike. When I first saw it in beige, I thought it would look better in purple, and then I saw the mini clutch in T in purple, but apparently Sal F. beat me to making the big one in purple. THat's funny that you're famous on a Russian craft blog!

Oh! The beige version is in this month's Vogue too, FYI.

Oh -- sorry for not responding to your e-mail, I'll just do it here. The pattern book is Gisela Klopper's Beautiful Knitting Patterns.

Nadia said...


I really loved this purple bag and I wanna make one of it for me!!
So, could u please send me the recipe for it??

my email is: ananitcha2@yahoo.com.br

thaks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

please please please post some russian knitting forums links,
Will be moving to Moscow in two yrs,. and wanting to get into some knitting forums now to get my feet wet.

Much thanks!

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