ferragamo: one down, one to go!

i think i may have figured out the pattern for the garter stitch triangle. here's the pattern...i think it's pretty close to the stitch on the bag. see what you think! (see pics for elongated stitch technique below.)

c/o 17 sts

row 1: K
row 2: K
row 3: SKP, K15, K2tog
row 4: K
row 5: SKP, K13, K2tog
row 6: K
row 7: SKP, K11, K2tog
row 8: K
row 9: SKP, K9, K2tog
row 10: K
row 11: SKP, K7, k2tog
row 12: K
row 13: Knit each stitch, wrapping yarn around needle twice for each stitch
row 14: Slip all stitches knitwise, dropping wrap to create elongated stitch
row 15: Turn and knit all stitches together to form gather

double wrap each stitch to create enlongated stitch at top of triangle.

next row: slip all sts knitwise, dropping wrap to create the elongated stitch.

knit all stitches together...

...and you're left with 1 st.

knit that stitch and voila!


Annhb said...

That looks great! I've been thinking all day about handles - I want to do something more than bamboo handles - you know? Will have to play around with my linen/tree branchy stuff and see what happens. Thanks for this!

andrea said...

hey, you're doing really great so far. The more you've studied it, the easier it's starting to look!

Maria Elizabeth said...

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Anonymous said...

Kate I would like to have this pattern: Ferragamos`s bag. It´s marvelous. You are great!! Please in Portuguese. I am brazilian and I sent an e-mail asking this pattern few days ago.
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

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Grazi Oliveira said...

Hi, May I Ask for the pattern? Love-love this bag!
Amazing blog!'

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