blogger ate my template

i went to login last evening to find my blog had completely disappeared. gone. zip. hasta la vista baby. before panic could completely take hold, i posted an SOS on bloggerforum. by this morning, i had a remedy from the intrepid redryder. he had recovered my blog's cache from google and repieced it together for me with most of my template hacks in place. (who was that masked man!?) i'm gonna have to knit that guy a scarf or something. the moral of this story:

BACKUP YOUR TEMPLATE. stupid me did not know this is as easy as copy, cut & pasting your template code into a word file.

also, internet people sure are nice.


yahaira said...

dude, its time to get the hell out of dodge im afraid.

Chris said...

Whoa. That's very scary!!!!

Amy said...

Disturbing. Glad you made it back alive!

Stacey said...

I learned the same thing the hard way....only takes once though! :)

moonfever0 said...

Thanks for the tip, I did it right away!

tammy said...

I know my guy has backed it up somewhere, but it's an older version. Thanks for the reminder to refresh my back up. Glad that you happened upon the kindness of an internet stranger.
I kinda want to leave blogspot, but don't have the energy to move.

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