that's just me being me

'member what i said about obsession being patient? well, i draw the line at a library that transfers books via pony express. saturday was the day i located the sole copy of knitting counterpanes in the entire monroe county library system, if not the world. (in case you haven't been hanging on my breathless posts about the various iterations of the sal f. bag shown below, this is the book that holds the secrets to decoding said bag. and in turn, the universe.)

naturally, it is shelved at the most farflung library branch. being as lazy as i am obsessive, i requested to have it transfered to my local branch. turns out getting bode to stop being bode would have been way easier. the book is due to arrive on thursday.


Chris said...

Hmm. The book might be availalbe here. Or this looks more promising...

aja said...

You are definitely earning your obessesion!

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